Our Expertise

Estate Planning

A common mistake made with estate planning is to think this area deals only with estate taxes. When actually, it is critical for these discussions to address other important client concerns such as control of their assets, possible multi-generational planning, income and capital gains tax issues as well as flexibility in the planning to account for changes in the years to come.

However, high net worth clients are often reluctant to engage in this critical process because it can seem overwhelming and, frankly, a bit confusing. This is where Mercury Financial Group excels. Our Planning Specialists are experienced in helping simplify this potentially puzzling area. They work closely with the advisor and their clients to help the clients first identify their key goals and objectives. Our Planning Specialists can then help advisors identify the proper tools and techniques needed from the myriad of advanced techniques used in estate planning. Whether it involves a simplified plan or the most complex, sophisticated techniques available, Mercury provides the expertise to bring the estate plan to optimization.

The end result is solid estate plan that the client truly understands and addresses and accomplishes all the client’s goals and objectives.

Retirement Strategies

With the reduction in traditional employer-sponsored retirement and pension plans, it’s more important than ever for affluent clients to build wealth through their own personal retirement planning. Thankfully, whether the client is a business owner, an executive of a Fortune 1000 company or a physician or attorney, there are excellent retirement plans available that are quite attractive and provide significant tax advantages. Each type of plan has its own inherent advantages. Mercury Financial Group can help the advisor and client identify which retirement plan is the best fit and can assist in designing and implementing these plans.

Mercury Financial Group can help the advisor and client identify which retirement plan is the best fit and can assist in designing and implementing these plans. These types of personal retirement plans will become more and more important for high net worth clients in the years to come as “traditional” employer plans continue to disappear. By addressing this issue now, clients can begin their path toward a secure financial future and Mercury Financial Group stands ready to assist.

Business Succession Planning

Business owners face the very real challenge of transferring ownership between partners or to the next generation. Too often, a lack of planning and onerous tax laws can make such transfers difficult. Financial advisors must help clients plan ahead now to put a business succession plan in place.

Working with Mercury Financial Group makes succession planning easier. Our Planning Specialists can assist in designing the right plan for clients to help make the business succession a smooth transition.

Charitable Giving / Planning

Many high net worth clients are charitably inclined in one way or another. Charitable giving brings clients not only the pleasure of seeing their donations at work, but also some very attractive tax incentives and deductions. From simple to the elaborate approaches, there are some exciting charitable giving/planning strategy options available. Mercury Financial Group can help financial advisors determine the most appropriate strategies and provide proper planning so clients can truly maximize the impact of their charitable gifts while reaping the tax benefits.

Insurance Analysis

One of the first steps in the wealth advisory process is to review and analyze any planning that has been implemented to date. A key part of this review usually includes an analysis of any existing insurance.

At Mercury, we take an in-depth look at the existing insurance and analyze not only the cost/benefit structure, but also the ownership and beneficiary structures to ensure these have been properly setup. In addition, we will determine if the amount, the type and the design of the insurance is appropriate and effective for the client’s needs. We also scrutinize the funding design and review its impact relative to any gifting limitations the client may have.

Our ultimate goal in the analysis is to determine whether this existing insurance is working in conjunction with, and complementing, the client’s overall wealth advisory goals and objectives.