Success Story: Split Funded Defined Benefit Plans

SFDB Plan Success Story Highlights The clients made a $641,000 contribution gaining a $289,000 tax savings (45% tax bracket). The plan added $1.5 million of life insurance coverage. The financial advisor will receive at least $381,000 of new AUM each year for the life...

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Infographic: Applicable Federal Rates are Rising

Intra-Family Loans: A Way to take advantage of low AFR Rates In 2016, we saw a dip in Applicable Federal Rates (AFRs), which created a huge opportunity for high-net-worth clients to use intra-family loans and other strategies for wealth transfer. AFRs are the lowest...

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Infographic: 2017 Brings a Jump in AFR Rates

Have Clients Take Advantage of Low Rates Before Year End Applicable Federal Rates (AFRs) are the lowest rates clients can charge family members without causing a negative gift tax result when engaging in intra-family sales or making intra-family loans. Financial...

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