Legacy Plan Assets in Today’s Investment Environment

Expert Dan Mythen, CEP, offers considerations for Legacy Plan Assets in today's investment environment What are the considerations in choosing an asset to pass on to heirs in today's environment? High net worth clients that plan to leave a legacy should consider how...

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Q&A: Life Insurance and Estate Planning

Expert Bruce Rothbard, CLU®, ChFC® answers questions on incorporating life insurance into estate plans How is life insurance utilized as an estate planning tool? Because both federal and state estate tax laws are ever-changing, liquidity is essential for HNW clients....

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Advanced Strategy Spotlight: Leveraged B Trust

How life insurance can help increase value and allow more assets to pass to heirs What is a B Trust? A “B Trust” (or Credit Shelter Trust) is a common estate planning technique describing a trust designed to make maximum use of the estate tax exemption available. It...

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Success Story: Split Funded Defined Benefit Plans

SFDB Plan Success Story Highlights The clients made a $641,000 contribution gaining a $289,000 tax savings (45% tax bracket). The plan added $1.5 million of life insurance coverage. The financial advisor will receive at least $381,000 of new AUM each year for the life...

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Infographic: Applicable Federal Rates are Rising

Intra-Family Loans: A Way to take advantage of low AFR Rates In 2016, we saw a dip in Applicable Federal Rates (AFRs), which created a huge opportunity for high-net-worth clients to use intra-family loans and other strategies for wealth transfer. AFRs are the lowest...

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Infographic: 2017 Brings a Jump in AFR Rates

Have Clients Take Advantage of Low Rates Before Year End Applicable Federal Rates (AFRs) are the lowest rates clients can charge family members without causing a negative gift tax result when engaging in intra-family sales or making intra-family loans. Financial...

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